Lookout for new Trinity Trails signage from TRWD along the Trinity River

by User Not Found | Feb 06, 2012
Trinity Trails Signage on the Trinity River

For years the Tarrant Regional Water District (TRWD) has been known for water supply and flood protection. However, TRWD is also charged by the State Legislature to provide recreation.  At the community's request TRWD continues to expand their recreation efforts by providing the beloved Trinity Trails system with new amenities. The newest addition to the trails is signage being installed along the Trinity River designed to enhance the trail user's experience. 

The Fort Worth Trinity Trails system spider webs throughout the city for over 54 miles. This is a major part of why Fort Worth has one of the best trail networks in the nation, but trail users are still asking for more signage. Be on the lookout for the 25 new trailhead signs that have been placed all over Fort Worth.  

TRWD has added everything from additional restrooms at trailheads to state-of-the-art canoe launches to the trail system. These improvements were a result of requests voiced by trail users and neighborhood improvement committees. A number of the new signs are at the improved sites to explain the amenities provided for the public. In addition, there are signs letting trail users know every amenity each trailhead provides, acknowledging additional sponsors and directing trail users to the nearest access point. 

During "Phase 1" of the sign implementation a wayfinding campaign took place in order to ensure that the signs would be placed in the best possible locations. In total, 25 trail signs in three different sizes are now visible along the trail system throughout Fort Worth. 

Keep your eye out for "Phase 2" of the TRWD Trail Sign Campaign which will focus on directional signage for trail users. This will include mile markers, street identification signs and trail maps.