New Traffic Pattern on Panther Island

by Royce Redfearn | Mar 09, 2016

WHERE:         SH 199/Henderson Street north of Fort Worth & Western Railroad

WHAT:           As part of the Trinity River Vision/Panther Island Bridge (TRV-PIB) construction, a new traffic pattern has been implemented on SH 199/Henderson Street north of the Fort Worth & Western Railroad. The new traffic pattern opens an extension of Shamrock Avenue that connects to SH 199/Henderson Street and Cullen Street (see graphic). Access to Henderson Street from the new Shamrock Avenue extension is only from the southbound SH 199/Henderson Street travel lanes (no left turn access is available to or from the northbound travel lanes). The new traffic pattern is needed to allow construction crews to continue building the new Henderson Street bridge structure over the Fort Worth & Western Railroad tracks.

The TRV/Panther Island Bridges project is a collaborative effort between the Trinity River Vision Authority, Texas Department of Transportation, City of Fort Worth and North Central Texas Council of Governments. This project will enhance the Trinity River by building three new V-pier bridges on Henderson, North Main and White Settlement.  

Project information is available online at Panther Island Bridges - Progress in Motion – including real-time camera feeds showing construction progress, information on the innovative bridge design and modern roundabouts, and detour maps.