Environmental Work Making Way For the Future

by User Not Found | Feb 16, 2016

Since 2011, the Trinity River Vision Authority has been hard at work cleaning up Panther Island to prepare it for its future as an urban waterfront district. In total, environmental cleanups have removed of over 113,000 tons of contaminated material.

These cleanups have paved the way for the Panther Island Bridges (which are under construction now) and the future bypass channel and associated Trinity River Promenade. The cleanups have brought the sites up to state residential standards and also protect our nearby waterways be removing heavy metals and petroleum-based contaminates from the area. In addition, many of the cleanups have backfilled and compacted the sites to meet U.S. Army Corps of Engineer standards for the future flood protection measures so work will not be duplicated during that phase of the project.

Without this work, the area now known as Panther Island would have remained a desolate aging industrial zone in the heart of our city.