TRV Construction Zone

by User Not Found | Mar 26, 2015

Head out to the project site on any given day and you’ll see cranes working, trucks hauling supplies and construction workers on the move. The three signature Panther Island Bridges are underway now and on track to be finished by 2018. Want to see how construction is progressing? Click here to check out our new live feed of bridge construction on Panther Island!


Modern Roundabout Coming Soon
The new modern roundabout at the intersection of Henderson and White Settlement will be open soon! The roundabout will feature new public art by world renown artist, Ned Kahn. In addition to adding a beautiful new art piece, the roundabout will also cut the average traffic delay time per vehicle in half, handle 20% more traffic than a traditional intersection, provide safer roadway by reducing traffic speed by 30% and create a positive environment for vertical development.


North Main Detour 
The new North Main Street Bridge is underway and to alleviate traffic congestion a permanent reroute will be in place along North Main soon. This means construction can progress full-speed-ahead while traffic continues to move through the area with ease.