New TRWD Initiatives!

by User Not Found | Mar 13, 2015

Our friends at the Tarrant Regional Water District (TRWD) are tired of seeing our waterways trashed (literally) after a rain and they've decided to put two new initiatives in place to make sure our Trinity River stays beautiful. The best part about these new programs, they both involve you!

The first thing they're doing is implementing a Spring Trinity Trash Bash. The Fall Trinity Trash Bash was so successful they've decided to add a second event in the spring. Groups, families and individuals can volunteer to clean up tons of trash along the Trinity River. Just choose an assignment location, register, then come ready to work on May 30th. When the trash is all bashed, volunteers are treated to an after party with free food, door prizes and entertainment at Panther Island Pavilion. 

The second initiative is the Adopt - A - Drain program that just launched this month. Did you know that 80% of the litter you see in our waterways started on land? That's why TRWD has started this campaign to aimed at keeping our waterways clean by stopping litter at its source. Their new Adopt-a-Storm Drain program allows you to choose a storm drain to “adopt” and they'll install a custom plaque on your storm drain. As part of your adoption you get to make the following pledge:
  • I will not litter anywhere
  • I will not dump anything down a storm drain
  • I will do my part to keep plastic bags and styrofoam out of the river
  • I will clean my adopted storm drain(s) when conditions are safe and contact the phone number on my drain(s) when maintenance is needed.
Sign up for one of both of the programs and let's keep our Trinity beautiful!!