"My City. My Trinity" artist feature: Brian Luenser

by User Not Found | Dec 25, 2014

Both featured photographers have a special connection to the Trinity River and Trinity Trails. According to Brian Luenser, his love developed after it became necessary for him to increase his exercise level which ended up leading him to the Trinity Trails and river. After that, he says there was no turning back. “I no longer think of the trails as an exercise place, though I get plenty of exercise on the trails, but my playground or the place for fun and a bit of nature in the middle of town,” said Brian. “It is also been a favorite target of mine in my photography,” he said. 

After living in Chicago for 13 years, Luenser's dad was transferred to Dallas in 1969, and he moved to Texas with his parents and five siblings. He graduated from DeSoto High School in 1974 and enlisted in the US Navy in 1975. After Boot Camp, Luenser attended the Armed Forces Air Intelligence Training Center in Denver, Colorado and graduated as an Intelligence Specialist, spending the next four years stationed on an aircraft carrier.

In 1979, Luenser was honorable discharged from the Navy and began working for J.C. Penney Company as a mechanic while attending the University of Texas at Arlington. After earning his BBA in Accounting, he went to work for a small accounting firm in Fort Worth. He became a certified public accountant in 1992 and that same year stated as a controller for a water filter manufacturing company in Arlington.

In 2005 Luenser and his wife Debbie moved to The Tower in Downtown Fort Worth. They have condos on the 28th and 34th floors.

Always interested in photography, Luenser was able to utilize the ship's photo lab while in the Navy and bought an SLR for his travels. In 2005 he purchased his first good digital SLR. Since then, he has purchased a variety of professional-grade pieces of photo gear and has been very active in taking photos around Fort Worth.