"My City. My Trinity" artist spotlight: Gordon Henry

by User Not Found | Dec 19, 2014

Gordon Henry believes that the beautiful is near at hand and that a camera can capture it. Henry is inspired by the American writer and photographer Eudora Welty who wrote, “A good snapshot stops a moment from running away.”

Gordon Henry, a senior citizen, is a retired teacher and a retired landscape worker. He loves to take walks and photograph what he sees on his walks. For medical seasons, Henry began walking an average of three miles a day in 2002 and cites his frequent walks along the Trinity Trails as one reason he is no longer diabetic. Soon after he began his regular walks along the river he took up photography as a hobby.

As a photographer he is entirely self-taught and uses cameras that are relatively inexpensive but carefully chosen. While walking thousands of miles, usually on the trails between Hulen and Bryan Irvin, he has photographed many things of beauty: sunsets, bluebirds, squirrels, wildflowers, full moons, an eclipse, turtles and waterfowl of many kinds.

View more of his photographs here http://www.gordonchenry.com/