SteerFW Urban Development Embraces Modern Roundabouts at Better Block Party

by User Not Found | Sep 27, 2013

Last weekend, some of Fort Worth’s brightest young leaders orchestrated a Better Block party at Bluebonnet Circle. What’s a better block party you ask? The purpose of Better Block is to help create a vision for a specific street or local neighborhood and set up a community event to showcase its potential. Usually, Better Block features pop-up markets, temporary bike lanes and sidewalks, landscaping to improve curb appeal and lots of family-friendly activities.

If you attended Better Block on Saturday, or at least drove through Bluebonnet Circle while it was happening, you probably noticed a change in the traffic pattern. During Better Block SteerFW turned Bluebonnet Circle in to a modern roundabout. Never heard of a modern roundabout? Let us explain. A modern roundabout is a compact circular intersection in which traffic flows counter-clockwise around a center island. Modern roundabouts are not the same as traffic circles (such as Bluebonnet Circle). Traffic circles have high-speed entries, weaving in the circle, low capacity and many high-speed crashes. In contrast, modern roundabouts require motorists to yield on entry, eliminate weaving, keep speeds low, have a high capacity and crashes are few and minor.

Practice using a modern roundabout as a pedestrian, biker or car in this interactive tool.