Trinity Trails Raised $25 million for Fort Worth in 10 years

by User Not Found | Apr 29, 2013

Since their inception in the 1970s, the Trinity Trails have meant many different things to the Fort Worth community. However, one aspect of the beloved trails has always been consistent: their availability for community-wide efforts to raise funds that support our economy as well as causes that are near-and-dear to the hearts of many Fort Worth residents.

We are happy to report that over the past 10 years events on the Trinity Trails have raised over $25 million for our community. Many of these dollars were donated to charitable organizations who support causes like juvenile diabetes prevention, Alzheimer’s, college scholarships, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, cancer research and much more.

In a study done by Texas A&M University research showed that the 2005 Mayfest had an economic impact of $8.9 million on the City of Fort Worth. What a wonderful event for the community!

The Trinity River and its tributaries offer excellent recreational opportunities for residents and visitors to the area.  The Tarrant Regional Water District (TRWD) has constructed and now maintains, most of the trail system and trailheads in Fort Worth including features such as water fountains, boat launches, and wayfinding signs.  These trails combined with our fantastic parks system bring a great quality of life that we all reap the benefits of. 

The Trinity Trails are much more than a safe place to run and bike, they offer numerous opportunities for our community and we are excited to watch as this wonderful resource is improved and expanded as Fort Worth continues to grow.