Airfield Falls Trailhead Update

by User Not Found | Feb 05, 2013

Last year the Tarrant Regional Water District (TRWD) began working to create a one-of-a-kind trailhead at the entrance to Tarrant County’s only natural waterfall located in Westworth Village. The Airfield Falls Trailhead is located adjacent to the Pumphey Drive entrance to the Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base (NASJRB).

The new trailhead will honor the history of the Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base (NASJRB) with a sculpture featuring military aircraft components. The new amenities will be a unique way to represent the rich history of the region from its transformation from a Bomber Plant to Lockheed Martin to Carswell to now the NASJRB. Another historical aspect of the trailhead  is the original patio from a commander’s house which was once on the grounds will be incorporated into the new design. 

In addition to new recreation opportunities, the project also focuses on another of TRWD’s missions with the addition of a conservation garden. The trailhead will feature native plants so visitors to Airfield Falls will be able to see how and what to plant during different seasons. This beautiful new trailhead is currently being designed and construction is scheduled for spring 2013.

Map to Airfield Falls waterfall

“We are ecstatic to bring this beautiful trailhead to Fort Worth. The nearby base has such a rich history and has meant so much to Fort Worth over the years for many different reasons and we can’t think of a better way to reflect that than with this C9 sculpture,” said Rachel Navejar, the TRWD Neighborhood and Recreation Enhancement Coordinator. “The combination of the new sculpture and the nearby waterfall will make this trailhead something the whole community can be proud of,” she said.