Internationally Recognized Firms Awarded Bypass Design Contract

by User Not Found | Nov 01, 2012

The Trinity River Vision Authority is pleased to announce that two extraordinary firms have been

selected to work together to design the Trinity Uptown Bypass Channel. Hargreaves Associates and Randall Stout Architects were awarded the contract to collaborate on the 100% design of the bypass channel. They will provide urban planning, landscape design and architecture for the 100 acre, 1.5 mile long urban waterfront with numerous social and recreational amenities.

Hargreaves Associates responsible for the design and execution of the extraordinary 2012 London Olympic Park. They have a portfolio full of amazing waterfront projects including Abu Dhabi Beaches and the Downtown Oklahoma City Airpark Waterfront.

Randall Stout Architects was recently honored with a 2012 American Architecture Award for the Art Gallery of Alberta. Their urban design projects have a global reach, spanning from China, to Europe to America. They emphasize environmental stewardship and stakeholder involvement, and advocate urban design as a contemporary social and cultural expression.

Hargreaves and Stout bring broad international experience as well as past collaboration. Their 21st century Waterfront in Chattanooga is an exemplary project that promotes intensive community use, diverse public programming and synergy between urban waterfront and private development. They will be collaborating with the USACE Architecture team led by CDMSmith and Komatsu Architecture.