Trinity Uptown Bypass Channel Enters Final Stage of Design

by User Not Found | Mar 09, 2012

Earlier this month, the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) held a meeting to kick off the design process of the Trinity Uptown bypass channel.  In the spirit of partnership – the USACE invited staff from all of the project partners to participate in a full day work shop on the critical elements of the design. The work effort is anticipated to take approximately 18 months.  

Forty individuals from the various project partners and consultant team collaborated at a kick-off meeting held on February 22, 2012.

The bypass channel will be 1.5 miles long and approximately 300 feet wide and is a critical element in the flood control aspect of the project

There will be walkways along the side of the channel that will be designed to be inundated during a high water event.

The design effort will address the safety and functionality of the channel while also considering the community’s desire for a thriving, urban river walk experience that attracts people and business to the Trinity River.  Elements such as isolation gates, retaining walls, walkways, ramps, stairs, landscaping, hydraulics, geotech, electrical, grading, erosion and maintenance will be addressed in the design of the channel. 

The design of the bypass channel will be handled locally and CDM Smith & Stanley have joint ventured to lead charge.  In addition, four of the five subcontractors are based locally and are small business certified. They are: ARS Engineers, BCG Engineering, Inc., Caye Cook & Associates, Komatsu Architecture and e-PEAK.