Drive-in theater coming to Trinity Uptown - Fort Worth

by User Not Found | Feb 24, 2012

Coming this summer, residents of Fort Worth will have a “new” and exciting way to enjoy movies. On Tuesday the Tarrant Regional Water District gave the go-ahead for Coyote Theatres to build a drive-in theater in Trinity Uptown just south of LaGrave Field. A beloved favorite of times past, the drive-in will offer its visitors a new twist on an old tradition. Equipped with three-four screens Coyote Theatre will play first-run movies in digital format and patrons will be able to stream sound through car radios or their smartphones. Both English and Spanish will be available at each movie.  

In addition to the car drive-in, the area will be able to accommodate theater-goes without cars as well, thanks to cabanas and a pavilion complete with fans and misters. The theater also hopes to allow patrons to use their smartphones to order food and beverages from gourmet food trucks and an on-site kitchen. Each screen will have room for 250 to 500 cars, and admission will be about $6 to $8 a person. One screen will face north, meaning patrons will watch the movie with the Fort Worth skyline in the background and personally we can’t think of a better way to watch a movie!

This new project will be a fantastic addition to Trinity Uptown which has quickly become the go-to for outdoor entertainment.  Trinity Uptown also hosts Rockin’ the River, Musicarte, Fort Worth’s Fourth and the Fort Worth Cats at LaGrave Field.