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Drive-in theater won't open in Fort Worth until the spring

by Bill Hanna | Oct 17, 2012


FORT WORTH -- As workers attached the screens Friday for the Coyote Drive-In north of downtown, the project's developer said the first films won't be shown until sometime next spring.

Brady Wood, who is spearheading the Dallas-based startup, said it took longer than expected for the Tarrant Regional Water District to turn over the site just south of LaGrave Field. And he has decided to make sure all of the amenities, including a pavilion, beer garden and playground, will be in place before the Coyote opens

"Most drive-ins are low-tech," Wood said. "Building a modern drive-in is much more complex."

When the water district approved a 10-year lease in February, Wood said he had hoped to open by Memorial Day. That was later pushed back to July.

Currently, the closest drive-in to Tarrant County is the Brazos in Granbury.

The Coyote Drive-In will be within the footprint of the Trinity River Vision, the $909 million flood control and economic development project stretching from just north of downtown to Gateway Park. Trinity Uptown, the development portion of that project, is designed to transform the area north of the river.

"The idea is this will activate the site and bring people to Trinity Uptown," Wood said. "As soon as development starts and there is a better use, we will leave.

"But I am hopeful we will be there forever."

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