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Deal could bring drive-in theater to Trinity River

by Aleshia Howe | Feb 22, 2012

By Aleshia Howe
Managing Editor

Fort Worth movie goers could soon have a drive-in experience on the banks of the Trinity River thanks to a deal up for consideration by the Tarrant Regional Water District today.

Tarrant Regional Water District board members today will consider entering into a 10-year lease with Dallas-based Coyote Theaters LLC to open a drive-in movie theater on a 34-acre parcel of land owned by the district just north of downtown Fort Worth.

In January the district put out a request for proposals for the property. The intent was to sign a lease with a developer who could use the land to complement construction of the $909 million Trinity River Vision project, which promises flood control, infrastructure upgrades, economic development opportunities and recreational development, including public access to trails and riverfront.

Since Trinity River Vision construction on the property is not expected to begin for at least another 10 years, district officials said they were looking for a 10-year lease with options for early termination on all or part of the site with predetermined buyout clauses allowing for future development within the 34-acre parcel.

Tarrant Regional Water District received two proposals by the deadline of Jan. 31 and district management is recommending moving forward with the proposal submitted by Coyote Theaters, according to district filings.

Coyote plans to open a modern day drive-in with three or four to show first-run films on digital projection with FM soundtrack broadcasting and integrated smart phone apps, according to Tarrant Regional Water District filings.