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Trinity River tubing-music parties grow in popularity in Fort Worth

by Chris Hawes | Jul 28, 2011


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FORT WORTH - Staffers at the Trinity River Vision in Fort Worth started throwing parties in June on the Trinity. They bring 600 inner tubes and a band and the partiers provide the rest.

One day, the land along the Trinity in downtown Fort Worth will be likely be lined with shops, offices and even homes.

The Trinity River Vision Project, however, wants people to start using the river now, and wakeboarders and kayakers are among those who already hit the spot.

"We want to add tubing here, as well, so we're trying to get that in the mindset of all the citizens here to jump on in and get a great time," said Shelby Lyon, Trinity River Vision Project.

The Tubing and Music Series, as it's known, is held the second and fourth Thursday in June, July and August.

"We've about tripled in size, so we're excited each event is growing," Lyon said. "And we're expecting by the end of August to roll around to just have an enormous crowd out here."

The event is free and alcohol is allowed. While coolers are allowed, glass and Styrofoam is not.

Chris Hawes